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Drain Cleaning

Roots pulled (pictured), roots can invade old pipes because of the connections made, or a bad plumbing job. You might be experiencing problems with your plumbing when your bathtub, toilet, or sink are backing up, you can try to use a plunger and drain cleaning liquids, but most likely you will need to call a plumber. We are the Yuba City Plumbers and as local plumbers, we provide you with the best prices and excellent customer service. To learn more about our drain cleaning services you can read:

Under House Plumbing Piping

There are many houses and buildings with really bad piping underneath and owners don’t even know it. In the long run, it can be dangerous for the occupants, because water sewer when left standing can produce bacteria and gases.
Regular plumbing inspections can help you prevent bigger problems. A plumbing inspection is highly recommended for houses older than 30 years given that commonly the sewer pipes underneath the house are made out of galvanized pipe, or cast iron and 30 years is its life expectancy. Slow running drains, or bad sewer odor around the house might indicate problems with your sewer piping.

Sewer Lines
Trench-Less Technology

Our Trench-less Technology will reduce pipe replacement excavations for up to 95%. We have the newest models in tools to better serve you.

Sewer Inspection

You should have a sewer line inspection every few years to prevent costly repairs later on. Inspecting your sewer line provides you with an inside look at your house’s piping.

We are the Yuba City Plumbers, We study all the city regulations, and every time it is required we work with the Yuba City Inspectors. If you would like to learn more about Yuba City and it history and people you can always visit Wikipedia Yuba City, CA.