Our Work: Drain Cleaning Service -Trenchless Plumbing

This pipe was pulled out of a house in the San Fernando Valley area. Sewer pipes under houses in Los Angeles County and near by areas are made out of cast iron pipe. This pipe gets corroded after many years, breaks and can leak under your house. This can cause bad sewer smells and water damage under a house. Any house that is around 30-40 or more years old should have the sewer pipes checked by a plumbing expert before a major problem occurs.

Sewer back ups, clogged drains happen all the time. The Rooter Drain Expert is fully equipped to take care of any small and major drain cleaning services. No job is too small or too big for us. This is our high water preasure jetting machine at work cleaning a 6″ sewer line.

In Los Angeles, most houses have clay pipe for the main sewer line after it comes out of the house going to the city main sewer pipe. This pipe can break very easy after many years of service and also due to earth quakes and roots. The Rooter Drain Expert inc. is experienced on these type of problems, as well as copper plumbing repair, and can solve them properly at a fair low rate. These photos were taken at one of our projects

This is a good example of the type or work we do. We fix the problem, we are experts and we try to make it as painless as we can to try to make it look like if nothing ever happened.