The drain cleaning snake, cable machine or rooter machine is one of the most used tools by rooter plumbers. The cable snake is the most common tool to unclog a drain, It is very efficient when cleaning hair, small roots, and leaves. You can attach different sets of heads or blades depending on the type of clog. You can attach a root cutter head to the snake to clean drains that have a root blockage. The root cutter head has two blades to cut through anything that is causing the blockage including leaves and any other small objects.

For hair blockages ( normally found in the bathroom drains) You need to run a smaller snake designed to clear smaller drains. Each snake is designed for a specific drain. There is not a one drain machine for all drains.

Running the appropriate snake for each drain requires the experience of an expert plumber. You don’t waste your time and you save money avoiding repetitive services. In the hands of the inexperienced, this plumbing tool can be very dangerous.

The Rooter Drain Expert’s Plumbers will recommend the appropriate solution for your drain problems as well as use the right snaking equipment.

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