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Pipes Damaged By Underground Roots

Studio City Plumbers

We are The Studio City Plumbers and we are here to help you with any plumbing service you might need. We Specialize in drain cleaning and sewer repairs. We will make sure you are one more of our thousands of happy clients.

Drain Cleaning Experts

We are licensed bonded and insured to do any kind of work in your property. Check out the arsenal of powerful tools we use:

The Snake
The Snake is to a plumber as a canvas is to a painter, it is our essential tool and our first tool of choice to clear drain clogs

Hydro Jet

The Hydro Jetter
The Hydro Jetter uses the power of high pressurized water jet that will blast away anything on its way.

We know all we need to know about city permits and we work with the city inspector every time it is required. We are prepare to take care of you and we are only a call away.

If you want to learn more about Studio City and its history you can visit Wikipedia Studio City.