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Rio Linda Drain Cleaning

We are the Rio Linda Plumbers and we can help you with your drain clog problems. A clogged drain can ruin our day since we depend a lot on our sewer systems in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter what kind of clog it is (hair clogs, grease clogs, root clogs), they all cause disruptions, and when all the home remedies have failed ( plungers, drain cleaning liquid) you can count on The Rio Linda Plumbers; John’s Rooter & Plumbing Service.

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Sewer Pipe Root Problems

Did you know that roots can grow more than 2,500 feet underground? So even if you don’t have a tree in your back yard you can still have roots problems in your sewer line from neighboring trees. Old clay pipes and iron pipes are more likely to have roots problems given that clay pipes crack during earthquakes and they also have joint points every 3-6 feet giving roots enough access to intrude the pipe. Iron pipes because of their vulnerability to oxidation, they often oxidize until orifices large enough form for roots to intrude.

We Are The Local Rio Linda Plumbers

For many years we have offered Rio Linda drain cleaning services and other plumbing services. We are The Local go to Plumbers and we know all the regulations and codes that doing plumbing work in Rio Linda requires. It is highly recommended that you only hire professional licensed plumbers, please take the time to read “Why hire licensed plumbers?“. To better serve you and for your peace of mind John’s Rooter is Licensed Insured and bonded, we know all the regulations and codes, and we are the local plumbing company you can trust. Besides supporting your local economy instead of the big corporations, you also get personalized customer service and prices with less overhead, given that we are a local business.

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