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Santa Clarita Drain Cleaning

As a homeowner, you will need a plumber that knows drain cleaning. Whenever you have a clogged drain you need to know who to call. Rooter Drain Expert is a highly rated Santa Clarita Drain Cleaning company. During the bad economic times, we’ve seen many people try to fix complicated plumbing problems themselves, usually, this ends up costing more money at the end of the day.

Sometimes basic drain clogs and blockages can be cleared fairly easily. A clogged toilet can be cleared with a plunger in most cases. If the plunger doesn’t do the job at this point, you should be calling a professional plumber that will know what to do.

Most homeowners are familiar with the sewer rooter machine known as “snake”. Snakes or drain cleaning machines will do the job most of the time. A snake can clear grease, minor roots, and hair inside the drain/sewer lines. But what most homeowners don’t know is that the snake won’t clear the drains 100%. For Example, when dealing with grease the snake will open a hole to temporarily clear the blockage, but with little time the drain will clog again. This is the main reason why sometimes you will have to clean the same drain many times. When it comes to roots, if the roots are too big, even with a cutter blade at the tip of the snake will not do the trick. The snake could get stuck, it won’t clean a drain or if it clears the drain it will only be part of the diameter not the full diameter of the pipe.

Clay Pipes in Santa Clarita:

  • Roots growing into fractured, broken old sewage systems. Roots are trying to find water and nutrients that the drain system has. Roots are the main source of clogged main drain systems. Roots can penetrate old clay pipes. Old clay sewer systems are the most prone to root problems. Clay pipes were not water tight in the old days. Small leaks enable tree root to easily break into the joints of old aging sewage systems.


Offset Pipelines:

  • Old clay pipelines were assembled primarily in 3ft lengths. After being undergrounds for many years shifting, settling of soil around the pipe will cause offsets. Offsets in pipelines will restrict flow, thus causing build up that end in clogged drain lines.


Sludge Accumulation

  • Accumulation of sludge takes place primarily in second drains pipes like showers, bathroom sinks, as well as clothes washing machine drain pipes. As the soap is lugged down the tubes, it will, in time build up on the wall surfaces of the pipelines. This takes place gradually, the water could and instantly stop flowing due to the accumulation of soap, and sludge build up.


Oil Accumulation

  • Oil accumulation takes place much like soap build-up, only much quicker. This happens primarily in the kitchen area. The kitchen sink is the sink that gets used the most in a home. As the oil is brought down the pipeline by warm water from washing dishes and dishwashers, it is cooled down by the air vent pipelines enabling cool air right into the drainpipe. When the warm oil cools down, it will adheres to the wall surfaces limiting the flow of water. Eventually, this becomes another clogged drain line.


Is your sewage system slow or not draining at all, are your toilets clogged, and making funny noises? They could be obstructed. Stay clear from utilizing chemicals discovered in many of the stores label as drain cleaning liquids. They are not very reliable at eliminating obstructions in sewer lines. Also with time contribute to the damages of older pipelines.

The Rooter Drain Expert we recommend cabling options and also hydro-jetting for clearing build-up within the wall surfaces of pipes. Snaking and hydro-jetting methods work best for clogged sewer drains.