Roots are the last thing you want blocking your pipes.

They can grow inside your pipe because of how old pipes installations were made. The pipes were installed in small segments of 3-6ft in length. Each segment connection is a route for small roots to get inside the pipes when they crack and leak, with time they grow bigger and they can break your pipe, block it completely or collapse it.

How to solve the roots inside the pipes problem?

A camera inspection is needed to properly diagnose and suggest a solution to a root problem. After one of our plumbers gives you a diagnosis about your situation there is three possible options:

Snaking Your Drain Line:

A regular drain snake can be used with a special cutter head attached to cut small roots. The Snake is like a supper drill that cuts through roots when the roots are not too big or if the pipe is not damaged. Learn more about the Snake.

Hydro Jetting:

The hydro jetter uses the power of pressurized water at 4,000 psi with a concentrated beam of water. With the combination of special tips/nozzles, this super tool is used to clear the toughest clogs. It cuts through the biggest roots or toughest blockages (it will not fix a damaged or broken pipe). Learn more about the Hydro Jetter.

Pipe Replacement:

The snake and hydro jetter will take care of any blockage, but if the pipe is collapsed, broken or badly damage not even a 4,000 psi hydro jetter can solve this type of problem. The only solution is a complete pipe replacement/sewer replacement. You might be thinking that a pipe replacement means a big excavation operation in your property, and thousands of dollars in lawn replacement, even a new driveway. John uses Trench-less Technology. Our plumbers will completely install a new pipe by just digging an entry and exit point, saving you time and money. Learn more about Trench-less Pipe Replacement here.

Why does my drain keep clogging every three months or so?

If roots are being the problem the answer is simple, Hydroponics. Hydroponic is a property that many plants and trees have of using only the nutrients and minerals found in water (no soil) to keep growing. It is a technique widely use by greenhouse farmers. For as long as you keep using water even if you cut a tree at ground level, any roots inside your pipes will not die and will continue to grow and cause damage.

What about if I just chop down the tree?

Although in the process of photosynthesis the trees’ leaves are needed for the metabolism of plants, cutting the tree will not do the trick given the survival potential of this group of organisms. Roots underneath the surface will still be getting all they need from the passing water and grow. That’s why our plumbers suggest for you to completely install a new pipe.

John’s Rooter & Plumbing is insured, bonded and licensed to work on these types of projects, we suggest for you to hire only licensed plumbers, this type of projects have many regulations that if not followed property can cost more money.