Leaky faucets can waste lots of water. Who knows how many gallons of water you could be wasting per day? What about at the end of the week, or in a year that is a lot of water. A professional plumber should take a look at your leaky faucets. There are many reasons why a faucet would leak. One reason could be the faucet is simply old. Other reasons could be a bit complicated such as too much water pressure coming into your house, to find this you will need help from a plumber. Even if you have very little water coming out of any faucet, you can still have too much water pressure, how can this be? If you have old pipes you can have lots of pressure coming in from the main source and once it gets into your home your old rusty pipes will decrease the water volume. Volume and pressure are two separate problems, but yes you can have low volume and lots of pressure. To find this you will need a plumber’s help. John’s Rooter & Plumbing is a very experienced plumber when it comes to this type of problem.