Electronic Sewer Pipe Location

So you already know that your sewer line has a problem, but the question is where? At John’s Rooter we used an electronic pipe locating tool to locate pipes with pinpoint accuracy! When our clients don’t have the house’ blueprints. How do you find your pipe location underground? Our equipment uses very advanced technology that saves you time and money. With the Electronic Pipe Locating tool, we can precisely locate the direction, depth, and location of the Pipe that needs fixing. With our HD sewer cameras, we can also see the problem. No guesswork!

We have professional equipment; we won’t dig,or remove your driveway unnecessarily guessing where your pipe is guaranteed.

When is the pipe locating tool needed?

  • To trace the direction of a line.
  • To pinpoint damaged or broken areas.
  • To know exactly what type of repair is needed, pipe replacement or Drain Cleaning.

In case pipe replacement is needed, don’t worry about your lawn being destroyed. We have the top of the line tools and technology to help you save time and money.

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