Yuba City Drain Cleaning Service.

At John’s Rooter & Plumbing Service We Make Sure that Pipes and Sewers Flow & Work As Intended.


Yuba City, CA – John’s Rooter is a company dedicated to delivering the best plumbing services in Yuba City, California. The company is owned and run by John Rodriguez who started plumbing at an early age. Using trenchless technologies, John aims to resolve any pipe or sewer-related issues in the simplest way possible at a reasonable price. Among the services, we offer includes drain cleaning, hydro jetting, sewer pipelining, and trenchless pipe bursting.


With years of experience and old-fashioned service, it comes as no surprise that people who have dealt with John had positive reviews. One of them is Tim Premack who faced a dilemma laying a 65-foot pipe on a cement driveway. “I needed 65 feet of sewer pipe replaced and I have a cement driveway. They use trenchless technology that blew me away. Very friendly guys. They did it all in one day. Pulled permits and it was all included. They even fixed and replaced my sink pipes…”


John offers both commercial and residential services, such as camera inspections, sewer repairs, and trenchless sewer pipe bursting. With John’s Rooter, trenchless jobs can be completed without causing discomfort or inconvenience. Trenchless can give a sense of relief to a lot of people knowing no digging or major excavation would be needed. The modern approach eliminates leading concerns of business owners who normally worry about the disruptions which may turn off and send customers away.


The same holds true for residential property owners who dread the possibility of seeing some portions of their property torn down to get to the actual problem. Trenchless technology alleviates that fear with John’s Rooter using advanced ways to pinpoint the problem with a camera inspection we can properly diagnose and inform people of the actual cause of the problem. Better yet, work is done quicker compared to the traditional mode of carrying out sewer repairs..