Pipes corrode with time, the corrosion contaminates your water system and all the mineral build-up and rust circulates in your water system. Potentially affecting the health of your family.

Copper “re-piping” means replacing all of the existing hot and cold fresh water pipes. This can be a residential home, condominium, apartment or commercial building. 95% of old homes have old galvanized pipes most new and existing homeowners would never think about the existing plumbing of their house.

There are many problems with old galvanized pipes. The signs of aging pipes will show when the water coming out of the pipes will become discolored as the minerals build up and the metal continues to rust, you will get foul smelling water that no one wants to drink or take a shower in.

Finally, the corrosion will build to a point where pipes will begin to leak, break and burst. When this happens the is no option but to replace your entire fresh water hot and cold system.

Pipes that need to be re-piped.