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Sewer Roots Problems

Roots are a big problem for drain lines, they can lead to bigger problems and eventually cause the inconvenience of a totally clogged drain. We are The City Of Burbank Drain Cleaning Experts and we will help you with your Root sewer problems or any other Plumbing Services you might need.

Sewer Lateral User Rebate Program For Burbank
The city of Burbank currently has a program for residents who qualify for a partially waived drain cleaning, visit the city page for more info. Take advantage of this program and call us for a drain cleaning service and camera inspection. Burbank Drain Cleaning is one of our areas of expertise, we scored 5 out of 5 in the City’s of Burbank plumbers evaluation score cards you can be confident you are hiring experienced licensed plumbers who know the City of Burbank regulations and works with city inspectors.

What’s The Sewer Lateral?
Many owners have no idea what the Sewer Lateral is and why they need to take care of it. We recommend preventive maintenance of your plumbing system, and we also have set up a page “The Sewer Line Explained” check it out so you can learn more about your responsibilities as a home/ business owner.

Hydro Jetter

The City of Burbank recommends for your to have a camera inspection after your sewer line has been cleared, it is also required to have a DVD of the inspection to qualify for the waiver. We carry only the best cameras in the business, quality service you cannot match!

Camera Inspections

The Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine will clear the toughest clogs. With a 4,000 psi jet, it blasts any clog away.