As a homeowner you will need a plumber that knows drain cleaning. Whenever you have a clogged drain you need to know who to call. Always hire plumbers with the proper skills. During the bad economic times we’ve seen many people try to fix complicated plumbing

There are several ways to clean a drain line. John has the latest in technology and the best in drain-cleaning equipment to get any job done big or small. One of our best tools is the Jet Rooter machine also known as hydro jetter.

Camera Inspections are very important for home owners and people trying to buy a house, building or just for preventive maintenance. A Camera inspection can help you detect big problems before buying a house or building saving you thousands of dollars in repairs later.

John can replace your residential and commercial drain pipe with the use of trenchless sewer repair and replacement technology. No major digging required save your landscape, save your drive way, save time and money.

They can grow inside your pipe because of how old pipes installations were made. The pipes were installed in small segments of 3-6ft in length. Each segment connection is a route for small roots to get inside the pipes when they crack and leak, with time they grow bigger

We used an electronic pipe locating tool to locate pipes when our clients don’t have the house’ blue prints. It is very advance technology that saves you time and money. With the Electronic Pipe Locating tool, we can precisely locate the direction, depth, and location of the Pipe that needs fixing.

Emergency Plumbing Service In Yuba City, CA.

At John’s Rooter We Make Sure that Pipes and Sewers Flow Freely Without Mess Or Problems


Yuba City, CA – John’s Rooter & Plumbing Service is a company dedicated to delivering the best plumbing services in Yuba City, CA. We offer a wide range of plumbing services. John aims to resolve any pipe or sewer-related issues in the simplest way possible at a reasonable price. Among the services, we offer include drain cleaning, hydro jetting, sewer pipelining, and trenchless pipe bursting.


With years of experience, it comes to no surprise that people who have dealt with John had a positive experience with our firm. One of our clients Tim Premack who faced a dilemma laying a 65-foot pipe on a cement driveway says “I needed 65 feet of sewer pipe replaced and I have a cement driveway. They use a trenchless technology that blew me away. Very friendly guys. They did it all in one day. Pulled permits and it was all included. They even fixed and replaced my sink pipes…”


At John’s we offers both commercial and residential services, such as directional drilling, camera inspections, sewer repairs, and trenchless sewer pipe bursting. With John the expert, trenchless technology in Yuba City CA sewer line replacement projects can be completed without causing discomfort or inconvenience to our clients. Aside from that, it can give a sense of relief to a lot of people knowing no digging or excavation would be needed. The modern approach eliminates leading concerns of business owners who normally worry about disruptions which may turn off and send customers away.


The same holds true for residential property owners who dread the possibility of seeing some portions of their property torn down to get to the actual problem. Trenchless technology alleviates that fear with John using advanced ways to pinpoint the problem and informing people of the actual cause of the problem. Better yet, work is done quicker compared to the traditional method of excavating sewer lines.


John’s Rooter & Plumbing is a locally owned and operated. We handle both residential and commercial plumbing projects. We provide affordable quality emergency plumbing services at competitive prices that won’t break the bank.  Unexpected plumbing problems can happen at any time. Faulty plumbing is no fun specialy when a pipe breaks in the middle of the night. John’s Plumbing offers flat rate upfront pricing, and we are available 24/7 to take care of any plumbing emergency.

Drain Cleaning Yuba City California

Your drains do a lot of hard, disgusting work. They transport pieces of leftover food, grease, strands of hair, and other waste products to the sewer. It’s inevitable that some of that waste will cling to your sewer pipe and cause it to clog. But if you’re anywhere in Yuba City, California, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. John has got your back with the most comprehensive drain cleaning service in the area.

Signs to Look Out For

A simple sewer camera video inspection will let you know if there is a clog lurking deep in your drains, but you can also be alert to some of the symptoms and anticipate the growing problem. Smell is among the most common symptoms, while the slow draining may also be indicative of waste buildup. Pay some attention to your storm drains too, as the constant debris accumulation can prove to be fatal. If you notice any of these signs, our experts will take care of the causes behind them with no problem.

Hydro Jetting

The years of success in Yuba City, California have taught us that there’s only one way to brush its drains thoroughly clean, and that’s shooting pressurized water right through. Plungers are of little help and snaking the drains is effective only with minor stoppages. At John’s we deal with clogs by blasting them with a powerful 4,000 psi thrust of water. Hardly any waste, tree roots included, can sustain this much pressure. What’s left in the water’s wake is the cleaned pipe ready to perform to its best abilities.

The equipment we use is highly specialized and task-specific, and our plumbers are experienced and well-trained. After hydro jetting your sewer pipes, we always do another sewer camera inspection to check if the clog bugging you is indeed removed.

Hire The Local Professionals

Don’t let the aggressive product ads lead you into believing that there is a shortcut to unclogging the drains. All these stopgap solutions offer temporary relief at the price of permanent pipe corruption. The chemicals found in some of them are so abrasive that they may damage the drain pipes beyond any easy repair.

We’ve been in the business long enough to know the value of a job done right the first time. This is why we suggest you always aim straight for the professionals, particularly with fixing utilities as delicate as drain pipes. Our licensed technicians can be at your place in no time and deploy all the necessary high-tech equipment on-site. At John’s we fix the problem on the first service call, guaranteeing that you won’t be seeing us for the same problem twice.

Reach Us Today

Waiting is what got your drains into trouble in the first place. Any more of it and the symptoms will spread. Contact us as soon as you notice any of the signs of a clogged drain and let us clean them thoroughly as soon as possible. No matter how severe your drain clog is, we’ll unclog it.