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Mission Hills Drain Cleaning

We are drain cleaning experts, we will clear hair clogs, root clogs, grease clogs and any other kind of clogs. Having drains backing up is a big frustration, some clogs go beyond the drain cleaning liquid and the plunger, some clogs need to be clear by The Rooter Drain Expert. We’re the Local Mission Hills Plumbers, we will clear the toughest clogs! We have industrial graded tools if your problem is a clogged drain our Snake Drain Cleaning Machine and our powerful Hydro Jetter (4,000 psi water jet) will surely solve your problem.

Clogged Bathtub

The Snake Drain Cleaning Machine

The Snake Drain Cleaning Machine is the most common tool for Drain Cleaning, we have industrial graded machine with different heads that go from hair clogs removers to root cutter blades. The snake is powerful enough to clear most drains, however, the toughest clogs go beyond even the most powerful snakes. There are many tools to clear a drain, Rooter Drain Expert plumbers are very experienced in the art or unclogging drains. We are equipped with hydro jetters, camera equipment. and trenchless repair tools as well.

Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine

The Hydro Jetter will clear any clog as long as the problem is not a broken or collapsed pipe. It uses a powerful water jet with a pressure of 4,000 psi. The hydro jetter is the best drain cleaning machine. With this amazing equipment we can clear drains that the conventional snake won’t! For example, most restaurants have clogs due to grease. The hydro jetter will liquified hardened grease and will get drains to flow. At times roots will get into sewer lines and they can get sp big that again the cable snake won’t cut them, however, a hydro jetter with special design heads will blast roots our of a pipe.

Hydro Jet

We are the Mission Hills Plumbers

We have been offering our plumbing services to Mission Hills for many years. We are the Mission Hills plumbers and we see our Mission Hills clients as part of our community and neighborhood. We are a licensed plumbing company with all the qualifications and permits to perform all of our services. Because we care about your well-being we only recommend hiring licensed plumbers. Please take the time to read “Why Hire Licensed Plumbers?“.

Camera Inspections

Camera Inspections are your best preventive tool to avoid surprises. With a camera inspection of your sewer line we can see if the pipe is in good working state, if it has been infested by roots, or it is broken or about to collapse. In case you need to replace your pipe we have great options for you like our Trench-less Pipe Replacement.

Trench-Less Pipe Replacement

Our Trench-Less Pipe Replacement Technology allow us to reduce excavations up to 95% saving you money, time, and expensive remodeling. If your sewer pipe has been diagnosed with root infestation, it is highly recommended to replace your clay pipe with a ABS pipe with not joint connections to prevent roots from penetrating. Otherwise roots will keep growing back.

We are the Mission Hills Plumbers and we work really hard to know our clients really well and offer them the best prices, the best technicians, and the best services that big corporations cannot compete with. We know all we need to know to be the Mission Hills Plumbers. However if you would like to learn more about Mission Hills its people, and its culture you can always visit Wikipedia Mission Hills.