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Loomis, CA Drain Cleaning

You might be dealing with your kitchen sink backing up, or any other drain(s). Our first instinct is to grab the plunger and try the drain cleaning liquids, however, if the problem persists you need the help of professional licensed plumbers. As the Loomis Plumber, we have the best tools in the industry. You can learn more about our tools by visiting their designated pages.

Local Plumbing Service In Loomis, CA

We have a long time working with the community. As the local Plumber, we offer you excellent customer service and without big overhead, we offer you great prices and personalize attention that big corporations cannot match.

Hydro Jetter

The Hydro Jettter uses 4,000 – 10,000 psi jet of water to clear the toughest clogs.

Sewer Inspections

We have the best Cameras in the business to diagnose and properly repair your sewer lines.

Sewer Repairs

Our plumbers will let you know when you need a sewer repair. The biggest problem would be when roots have invaded the sewer pipes. This happens for several reasons including handy man work, aged clay pipes, or just plain bad plumbing jobs, we have the technology to reduce excavations by up to 95% most of the times. You can learn all about our “no dig” technologies. Replacing or rehabilitating your sewer line does not means a big excavation anymore, you can have the tranquility that your garden or your drive way will suffer. we save you money, time, and with minimal wrecking of your Garden/Driveway. Take the time to read our dedicated pages to each of these services, and the page we have written for you to understand the responsibilities you have with the sewer line.

We are the Loomis Local Plumbers and we know all the regulations and we have all the permits needed to work in the city. However, if you would like to learn more about the city of Loomis you can read more about its history and people in the official city page.