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Corroded Sewer Pipe Under Your House

Corroded Under House Pipes

The slide show above shows corroded pipes under a house, corroded pipes under a house can occur as the result of the owners negligence of not having annually plumbing inspections. Another reason why pipes can corrode is bad plumbing jobs, read our page about why it is important to hire properly licensed plumbers. One thing is certain; You need to take care of corroded pipes because they are a hazard for the health or your family and bad for the value of your property. If your house is more than 30 years old and you never have an inspection you can schedule an appointment and we will take care of your house plumbing maintenance.

Culver City Plumbers: Hello we are your local plumbers!

The Rooter Drain Expert is your local plumbing company. We are the Culver City Plumbers and your satisfaction is our priority, we are licensed bonded and insured. We have been serving the Culver City community for many years. We are local and that’s why we put extra care in our clients because we see them as part of our community, as our neighbors.

Drain Cleaning

It’s in the name! We are the drain experts! Count on us to clear the toughest clogs. See our Drain Cleaning page, and see our Snake tool, and Hydro Jetter tool, so you can see what we’ll use to surely clear your clogged drains. If you have a collapsed pipe or a pipe with roots problems, do not worry we also have special tools to replace underground pipes with minimum excavation to save your driveway and garden (trenchless pipe replacement).

The Heart Of Screenland: Wikipedia has a nice article about Culver City and all you need to know about its huge TV and Movies industry. A good resource for anyone who resides there or want to learn more about very important city.