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Drain Cleaning Service in Altadena CA:

We are Drain Cleaning specialist and we can clear the toughest clogs. We can remove hairs, grease, roots or anything that might be blocking your drains. Take the time to learn about our tools: The Snake & The Hydro Jetter.

Altadena Plumbers:

We are the Altadena plumbers, we have been working with the city of Altadena for many years now and your satisfaction with our services is our priority. we are licensed bonded and insured to better serve you. You might be interested in reading about the importance of hiring only licensed plumbers.

Electronic Pipe Locating:

Most property owners don’t have the blue prints of their property. As a consequence of not having the blue prints the location of many pipes is unknown. We have an electronic pipe location tool, which give us the location and depth of pipes underground.

Sewer Repair in Altadena, CA

Root problems are very common; they are the result of old clay pipes with weak joint connections. Once a little root breaks through many other will follow, they grow fast and lastly they create a blockage that renders the pipe useless. Do not worry we have many solutions to this problem. We first make sure the problem are roots by doing a Camera Inspection. If you think you might have roots or a collapsed pipe you might be interested in learning more about some of our solutions:

We are the Altadena Plumbers and we know everything a plumber should know about Altadena. If you would like to learn more about Altadena and it rich history we recommend reading Wikipedia, Altadena, Ca