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John’s Rooter & Plumbing is a specialty contractor, we specialize in trench-less technology. Unlike our competition, we use no sub-contractors. We own and operate all of our equipment. We are a local family-owned business.

John can clear or repair any drain. We can also repair any other plumbing problems you may have.

We are experts in pipelining and trenchless technology. We can replace any water pipe, gas pipe, and sewer line with our no-excavation trenchless technology.

Ask about our trenchless pipe replacement, for water lines, gas, and sewer pipes.

John's Rooter & Plumbing Services

Drain Repair

As a homeowner, you will need a plumber that knows drain cleaning and has the equipment to get the job done right. Whenever you have a clogged drain you need to know who to call. Always hire plumbers with the proper skills. At John’s Rooter, we are ready to take care of any clogged or slow drain!


There are several ways to clear a clogged drain line. John has the latest technology and the best drain-cleaning equipment to get any job done big or small. One of our best tools is the Hydro Jetter machine which is capable of clearing any clogged drain.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Camera Inspections are very important for home owners and people trying to buy a house, building or just for preventive maintenance. A Camera inspection can help you detect big problems before buying a house or building saving you thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Trenchless Technology

John can replace your residential and commercial drain and water pipe with the use of trench-less sewer repair and replacement technology. No major digging is required it will save your landscape, your driveway, time, and money.

Sewer Lines

Roots can grow inside your pipe because of old pipes or just poor installation.  In the old days, clay sewer pipes were installed in small segments of 3-6ft in length. Each segment connection is a route for small roots to get inside, old pipes crack and leak, with time roots will become a nightmare for your sewer line.

Electronic Pipe Location

We used an electronic pipe locating tool to locate pipes underground when our clients don’t have the house’ blueprints. It is very advanced technology that saves you time and money. With the Electronic Pipe Locating, we can precisely locate the direction, depth, and location of the Pipe that needs fixing.

Quality Service

We work hard to provide quality work, excellent customer service, offer competitive prices and get to you fast. If for any reason, you are unhappy with our service, we will work just as hard to try to make it right. Just contact our customer service department at 916-500-7848

We call ourselves Yuba City’s Local Plumber because we are a local plumbing company and serve many cities in the area. We have the best tools available in the plumbing industry, we are licensed and bonded.
We have many years of experience. Call John for all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

Hydro Jet

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John’s Rooter & Plumbing Service is located in West Linda, Olivehurst area. Just minutes from Yuba City. We are open Monday to Saturday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. For additional questions, you can call us at 916-500-7848 or you can find us on Google!

Plumbing Services
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Water Mains

The water main pipe is the pipe that goes from the city’s water pipe to your house, and it is your source of all the potable water in your house. In an emergency, It is important to call 911 or the DWP to shut off your main water supply valve and call a plumber to diagnose what the problem with your main pipe is.

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Water Heaters

The water heater is one of the most important parts of your plumbing system. Most homeowners forget there is even a water heater in the house until there’s a problem. As long as we keep getting plenty of hot water out of our faucets and we are able to take showers,

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Leaky faucets can waste lots of water. Who knows how many gallons of water you could be wasting per day? What about at the end of the week, or in a year that is a lot of water. A professional plumber should take a look at your leaky faucets. There are many reasons