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Drain Cleaning Special
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Drain Cleaning - flood
If you got a clogged drain and the plunger and drain cleaning liquid have failed, The Rooter Drain Expert is to the rescue. We have the best tools unclog your drains and them in good working order. Hair clogs, grease clogs, root clogs, any kind of clog is not match for our arsenal. We have industrial graded drain cleaning snakes, and a 4,000 psi hydro jetter machine which flushes anything blocking your lines with the power of a pressurized jet of water.

Sewer Pipe Roots Problems
Tree roots have been discovered to travel underground in search of water for distances greater than 2,500 ft. Even if you don't have a tree in your backyard you are still at risk or root intrusions, specially in urban environments such as Winnetka where sewer lines can be recognized by roots as artificial underground water beds. The Rooter Drain Expert has the best Trench-less technologies to reduce the excavation size for a new sewer line installation by up to 95%.  We have pipe bursting equipment and well as pipe rehabilitation equipment.
We are the Winnetka Plumbers!
We see our Winnetka customers as members of our communities, because  we are the Winnetka plumbers we want to take care of all your plumbing needs. The Rooter Drain Expert is a licensed insured and bonded plumbing company, to give you that peace of mind only a licensed plumber can give you.