Water Heater Facts

 Important requirement you should know about your new water heater:

1. Location—Prohibited in Bedrooms, bathrooms or closets (with some exceptions)

2. Full bore water shut off valve on the cold water side must be installed

3. Water tight drip pan required if the water heater is over a framed area.

a. Drip pan requires a minimum ¾ inch drain line that discharges to an approved location
b. Drip pan must be 2 inches in diameter larger than the water heater
c. Drip pan height must be a minimum of 2 inches high

4. Access to the front of the water heater must be a minimum of 30 inch of clear space

5. Protection from vehicles required by bollards or location.

6. Flame or spark must be a minimum of 18 inches above the floor.

7. Water heaters must be supported on ground by 3 inch thick concrete pad above grade

8. Earth quake straps are required.

9. Straps must wrap all the way around the water heaters.

10. Must be able to inspect and remove the water heater.

11. Combination Temperature Pressure Relief (TNP) valve required.(City of Los Angeles as of 2008 prohibits the use of 210 Valves—due to failed seals and water entering the gas supply.)

12. A TNP dischard drain lines must be installed.

13. TNP Drainline may not slope upwards, drain to drip pans or discharge to crawlspaces.

14. Flexible connectors cannot be used as TNP drain lines.

15. Vent connectors must be mechanically secured by screws to the water heater (metal tape is not accepted)

16. Enclosures required for exterior installations unless the water heater is listed for Exterior use

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