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Drain Cleaning Roots Pull

Hair clogs, grease clogs, root clogs... all clogs are a disrupt to our daily lives. When the plunger and the drain cleaning liquid have failed you, The Rooter Drain Expert will be your rescue. We have the best Drain Cleaning tools in the business and we will clear even the toughest of clogs. We are the Tujunga drain cleaning company.

Sewer Pipe Roots Problems
It is important for every home owner to have annually Camera Inspections. Camera Inspections give you an inside look into your sewer line allowing you to see if you have root problems or a collapsed pipe.  Discovering potential problems before they go bizarre can help you treat the problem before hand and arrange repairs according to the time that works best for you, instead of an unexpected interruption. Roots can displace more than 2,5000 feet in search of water beds, so not having a tree in your yard does not mean you don't need to worry about roots. If roots have intruded you sewer line do not worry, we have the best solutions to your root problems:

We are the Tujunga Plumbers
The Rooter Drain Expert has been offering Tujunga drain cleaning as well as other plumbing services for many years. As Tujunga plumbers we do everything to help you do the right decisions because we care about your safety. The Rooter Drain Expert is a Licensed Insured and Bonded plumbing company, and we recommend (for your safety) for you only to hire professional licensed plumbers (Why hire only licensed plumbers?). Plumbing works need to follow many regulations and all work needs to be up to code, and only a licensed plumber with experience can give you that peace of mind.