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Drain Cleaning - Sink Backing UpClogged drains are  inconvenient because they get in the way of our daily routines. If your drains are being clogged by hair, buildup, roots and the plunger and cleaning liquids weren't enough, you need to call The Rooter Drain Expert. We are the Oak Park plumbers and  we  have  the best tool in the industry for drain cleaning, our arsenal includes The Plumber Snake Drain Cleaning Machine and the powerful Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine, the snake drills and cuts clogs the hydro jetter blasts and flushes clogs. Together they are a super drain cleaning team.

The Oak Park Plumbers

We are the local plumbing company of Oak Park. With less overhead and excellent customer service many people choose us instead of the big corporation company. We are licensed insured and bonded to better serve you. We encourage you to read "Why hire licensed plumbers?" so you understand that plumbing needs to follow regulations and any work needs to be up to code for your safety.
 Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine Trench-Less Pipe Replacement
 The Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine will clear the toughest clogs. With a 4,000 psi jet, it blasts any clog away. The Trench-less pipe replacement technology allow us to replace an entire pipe by just digging an entry and exit point. 
As the Oak Park Plumbers we know all the regulations and codes to do any kind of plumbing in the Oak Park city. However Oak Park is more than regulation and plumbing codes, Oak Park has a rich culture and history. If it is of your interest you can visit Wikipedia Oak Park CA to learn about its history and people.