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Drain Cleaning Special

Gas repairs are a very delicate matter, and they should be handle accordingly. Call the gas company if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • If you smell gas
  • if a pipe disconnects
  • if there is a fire or emergency (CALL 911)

Gas installations should be handled by professional plumbers. The Rooter Drain Expert is qualified to install and repair gas pipes. We offer installation and repair services for:

Gas Line Installations 
Gas is very flammable and should be handle with special care. NEVER should a handy man touch your gas lines, by doing that you are putting your property and family at risk. The Rooter Drain Expert is licensed and qualified to do this type of work. Our work is inspected by the city's inspectors to guarantee the safety of your family and loved ones.

Earthquake valve installations 

Living in southern California is seismic activity is something you should prepare for; besides all emergency disaster kit you should have for food and water, you must also should protect your property and by doing so, your family as well. The Earthquake valve detects seismic activity and shutoff the gas supply to your house  preventing fires and further damage to your property. The earthquake valve should be installed by a professional plumber only, The Rooter Drain Expert is a pluming company qualified to do this type of installation.

Utilities gas lines 

Many utilities need a gas line to operate, you will need the assistance of a professional licensed plumber to handle this type of situation, it is not advisable to see it as a DIY because many risks are eminent and the smallest thing to go wrong could be catastrophic.

If you would like to request any of the services above, you can fill out the form in this page or go to our main Contact main form to set a time and date for an appointment.