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Drain Cleaning Special
Hydro Jetter Nozzle
 Backup Bathtub  drain  cleaning - hairs and roots Drain overfloded
A clogged drain can be very frustrating. Some clogs go beyond plunging, we have industrial class machines to remove hairs, grease, roots and just about anything blocking your pipes. We have a lot of information and videos you might be interested in watching, in order to learn more about the drain cleaning process The Rooter Drain Expert offers you:
 Sewer Pipe Roots Problems  Roots in Sewer Pipe
The roots in these picture have grown so big that they have completely blocked all water circulation. Our Hydro Jetter will surely clean most roots, but our technitians will provide you with the best solution to your situation, however, once roots have infiltrated the pipe they are most likely to grow back again and clog your drain one more time. If what's clogging your sewer pipes are roots, you should consider replacing your sewer pipe.
 In case your problem is a massive roots invasion and our technician suggest for you to replace your pipe; do not worry about big excavations taking place in your property. We count with the best equipment in the industry to perform only minimal excavation in your property, saving you time and money.
We are the Canoga Park Plumbers
We are the Canoga Park Plumbers we have been working as The Canoga Park Plumbers for many years now. We are the local plumbing company of Canoga Park and that's why we provide you with the attention, prices,customer service big corporations cannot compete with. We encourage you to support your local economy, but we recommend you for the safety of your loved ones and your own to only hire professional licensed plumbers.  Read our educational page of why it is important for you to hire licensed plumbers.

We know everything we need to know about the plumbing regulations and the history of Canoga Park, but if you want to know more about history and culture of Canoga Park. We recommend you to take the time to read Wikipedia Canoga Park.